Marlboro Wang

Wedding Photographer based in Victoria, BC, Canada

Grand visual storytelling

Hi, I'm Marlboro! Thanks for visiting my website.I think of photography as a language and light its vocabulary. Many “photographers” use natural light because it is easy. However, to truly compose the perfect a shot, a photographer must control the complex interplay of light on the subject. To do so, I use multiple studio lights in all of my shoots, whether it is architecture, a portrait session at your office or the big day of your wedding. This fills unwanted shadows and adds dimension between the foreground, middle ground and background - adding a level of depth to my images. If you value perfection, I am the photographer for you.
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Client Love

We absolutely loved having Marlboro as our photographer on our wedding day. He was extremely professional, knowledgable and his photos turned out amazing! Would highly recommend!
Cloe Solanki